How to Eat Healthy While Traveling – A Guide for Everyone

Eating healthy can be a big problem when you’re on a trip. When you’re in camping or traveling abroad, you might go for easy to pack junk foods. They tend to keep their taste even when not refrigerated. However, most are empty calories and a lot also have harmful inorganic and organic chemicals. Want to stay healthy while enjoying the sights and scenes? Here are some tips to help you.

Traveling – Preparation is Key

Staying in a hotel in another country or a significant place far from home is a problem. If it’s your first time, you might have problems with the surrounding areas and where to buy food. You can keep your healthy diet while traveling by gathering information first.

  • Ask if your hotel has mini fridges – A mini fridge will play an important role in eating healthy while traveling. You’ll need it to keep vegetables and fruits fresh while you stay on vacation.
  • Map out the area – Find the local markets near your hotel. It also helps if you can map a route ending with the trip going through a local vegetable and fruits market.
  • Bring coolers – If you’re going for a longer tour, bring a cooler to load veggies and fruits to eat.
  • Always bring water – Water helps keep you hydrated and full so you don’t get tempted to splurge.

Perishable vs Non-Perishable

Another aspect to consider healthy food is their expiration. Storing your healthy foods can make a difference in palatability and of course nutritional value on a trip. This is especially true for road trips and camping.


Non-perishables include bottled water, powdered meal replacement, protein bars and more. These might require storage in a cool and dark place away from exposure to sunlight.



Fruits and vegetables will require a cooler. If you’re on a road trip, an electric cooler that can be attached to your car will do trick. Store these in air-tight containers in the cooler.

Top Healthy Perishable Food

  • Hard-boiled eggs (peeled)
  • Lightly steamed or baked sweet potatoes (fully cook again before eating)
  • Salad with greens, toppings and tossed in olive oil
  • Raw milk cheeses
  • Bananas with stem wrapped to delay ripening
  • Strawberries
  • Raw corn (can be steamed by the campfire)

Top Healthy Non-perishable Food

  • Dried fruit like mango and apple
  • Fried banana and sweet potato chips
  • Energy bars
  • Nitrate free Jerky
  • Nuts/Seeds or custom-made trail mixes
  • Raisins

Storage Options for Traveling

Aside from coolers, you also need to store each food especially the ones listed above. Consider investing in airtight containers of several sizes. You can choose the following containers to avoid BPA plastics.

  • Stainless Steel
  • Shockproof ceramics
  • Shockproof glass
  • BPA Free plastic containers
  • Food grade bamboo bento boxes

Other Healthy Food Habits

Finally, eating healthy also means adopting healthy habits. Bring these items along so you won’t get sick eating or drinking anything while traveling.

  • Hand-sanitizers
  • Hand soaps
  • Easy to wash utensils
  • Personal cup
  • Oral hygiene products

Now, who says you can’t eat healthily and travel at the same time? Read more click here: