About Me

Melanie C. Archuleta

Melanie C. Martinez

Like you, I’m a travel addict. There’s nothing I live for more than going sightseeing in a new destination, whether it’s another state or a completely different country. Aside from the USA (my home country!), I’ve been to China, France, Italy, Egypt, Australia, and Canada. Some I visited by myself, others with friends, and even some for family vacations. You see, I inherited my love of travel from my parents. They can proudly claim they’ve set foot on every single continent, aside from Antartica. Of course, I’m sure that would be a different story if it was actually inhabitable.

I’ve always shared my travel experiences with my friends and family. And of course we all share the same passion for sightseeing. We know all the tips, tricks, and safety measures we need to take every time we visit somewhere new. But not everyone does. When I was more of a casual traveler, before I graduated from college, I didn’t always stay safe. As I grew older, I learned about how dangerous it can be out there for young women.

The Creation Of The Salt Asylum

So, I decided to start The Salt Asylum. It’s become easier than ever to travel nowadays, and new technology is a big reason why. It’s almost impossible to get lost in an unfamiliar city when you have the world at your fingertips, right on your smartphone. There are so many apps that make it easy to book flights, go through customs, look up directions, keep track of your itinerary, and more. It may be fun to imagine exploring a city on your own, without telling anyone where you’re going. But think about your safety. It’s just not practical. So instead, I want my readers to take advantage of everything they have available to them! You know why? Because when you save money on traveling, or follow a reliable navigation system, or just even travel with a friend, you have a much better time.

What are some of your memorable travel experiences? Get in touch with me. I’m thinking about starting a new section on this blog with some of my readers’ accounts.