I Tried A Smart Fridge For 30 Days Here’s What Happened

I never thought that we needed smart appliances. When it was time to upgrade the appliances in our kitchen I could see my husband’s eyes light up. The tech geek in him was in awe of a stove that would preheat itself. A fridge that would tell you when you were out of things. I wasn’t excited about the price of these appliances. But when a local home improvement store was offering a really great deal. A Samsung smart fridge I agreed to try one for 30 days to see if it was worth the cost.

As long as my refrigerator keeps my food cold I don’t really ask it to do more than that. I was a little overwhelmed by the complexity of the fridge my husband had delivered. It has an 8-inch touchscreen and connected to our home wifi. It has automatic sensors that would announce to me when we were getting low on items. And it had a camera so that could pull up the app on my phone and see inside my fridge from anywhere. I was still getting used to having an icemaker in my fridge and now we had this smart fridge that could dispense hot and cold water as well do all these other things.

Luxuries Offered by a Smart fridge

A friendly user by a smart fridge. When I stopped for milk after work I could check the fridge to see if we needed anything else which saved me a lot of time and extra store trips. The refrigerator kept track of the use by dates on meat and dairy products to make sure that I used them before the date. I will never forget how strange it was to have the fridge tell me to use the salad mix in the bin because it would expire the next day.

And while I never would have admitted it I love having the screen in the fridge. I can pull up cooking tutorials and other videos on YouTube which make creative cooking a lot easier. Using the screen in the fridge is so convenient and I can use my tablet in cooking ingredients from sitting on the countertop.

When the 30 days was almost up to my husband and I sat down to talk about the fridge and if we wanted to keep it. I went from thinking that we didn’t need to spend the extra money on a smart fridge to loving my smart fridge and all the extra things it can do. So if you’ve been thinking about trying a smart fridge take your own 30 days challenge and decide for yourself if you love the extra functionality as much as I do.

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