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Social Media Changes To Improve Your Life

Social Media Changes 

I have a love/hate relationship with social media and I bet you do too. Social media is an amazing tool. We can stay connected to people we love, meet new friends, and get up to the minute news. Watching those likes and retweets pile up gives people a high similar to gambling. Facebook is adding dating to its mobile app. This will make it even harder for people to balance their time spent online. 

social media

Using the Instagram app on a cell phone

There is too much of a good thing. That’s why we should find balance in our lives. This involves spending less time on social media. As well as limiting your use on a cell phone spy apps. Some people say that you need to quit it entirely. But that’s not realistic and an extreme reaction. A better way to manage social media is to change your habits.

Remove Social Media AppS

If you like to use a tablet at night to read or watch TV, try removing the apps. I always pull my tablet out at night. Keep your tablet just for reading or watching TV  shows. The way iPads were meant to be used. You won’t be tempted to jump on Twitter or post a quick status on Facebook or scroll through Instagram. 

Buy An Alarm Clock

Try an old-fashioned alarm clock so that you can keep your phone in another room at night. You still need to wake up on time for work or school of course. But having your phone next to your bed makes it very tempting to check your apps. Now you’re likely checking them first thing in the morning, and even late at night. 

social media

Using Instagram on a computer

No Social Media At Work

Many people spend their workdays on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and check their feeds constantly throughout the day. Make a commitment to stay off these apps during work hours. You can still check your social media on your phone during breaks or even during lunch hour. While I am telling you to take a break from technology, it is still useful. Like when my apartment security cameras caught a thief.