I Tried A Smart Fridge For 30 Days Here’s What Happened

I never thought that we needed smart appliances. When it was time to upgrade the appliances in our kitchen I could see my husband’s eyes light up. The tech geek in him was in awe of a stove that would preheat itself. A fridge that would tell you when you were out of things. I wasn’t excited about the price of these appliances. But when a local home improvement store was offering a really great deal. A Samsung smart fridge I agreed to try one for 30 days to see if it was worth the cost.

As long as my refrigerator keeps my food cold I don’t really ask it to do more than that. I was a little overwhelmed by the complexity of the fridge my husband had delivered. It has an 8-inch touchscreen and connected to our home wifi. It has automatic sensors that would announce to me when we were getting low on items. And it had a camera so that could pull up the app on my phone and see inside my fridge from anywhere. I was still getting used to having an icemaker in my fridge and now we had this smart fridge that could dispense hot and cold water as well do all these other things.

Luxuries Offered by a Smart fridge

A friendly user by a smart fridge. When I stopped for milk after work I could check the fridge to see if we needed anything else which saved me a lot of time and extra store trips. The refrigerator kept track of the use by dates on meat and dairy products to make sure that I used them before the date. I will never forget how strange it was to have the fridge tell me to use the salad mix in the bin because it would expire the next day.

And while I never would have admitted it I love having the screen in the fridge. I can pull up cooking tutorials and other videos on YouTube which make creative cooking a lot easier. Using the screen in the fridge is so convenient and I can use my tablet in cooking ingredients from sitting on the countertop.

When the 30 days was almost up to my husband and I sat down to talk about the fridge and if we wanted to keep it. I went from thinking that we didn’t need to spend the extra money on a smart fridge to loving my smart fridge and all the extra things it can do. So if you’ve been thinking about trying a smart fridge take your own 30 days challenge and decide for yourself if you love the extra functionality as much as I do.

Learn how to secure your apartment read this blog: http://www.thesaltasylum.com/my-apartment-security-cameras-caught-a-thief-while-i-was-in-china/


How To Get Better Matches On Online Dating Sites

Sometimes searching through online dating sites can feel like a chore. And if you’re like me you end up getting hundreds of matches that you have to weed through because most of them aren’t even people that you would really want to date. You also have to deal with messages from people who clearly didn’t read your carefully constructed profile because they seem to have nothing in common with you. But online dating is the most popular way to meet people these days. So if you’re fed up with having to spend a lot of time combing through all your computer generated matches on dating sites here are some tips that will help you tweak your profile to get better quality matches. You may get fewer matches but the ones you get should be more likely candidates for dating.

Show Your Personality In Your Photos

Everyone knows the importance of having at least one full length photo in your profile so that any potential matches know what you look like. But you can also use your photos to show off your personality and make sure that the person who matches with you knows what you’re like before messaging you. A friend of mine dressed up in cosplay as her favorite TV show character in one of her photos. Another friend, who loves horror movies, did a horror makeover on herself and put a photo of herself in zombie makeup in her profile. People who aren’t into the same things that you are won’t message you when they see photos like that in your profile. And if someone does message you then  you’ll know that they actually like the same things you do.



It will only take a little effort

Be Clear About What You’re Looking For

There’s still a good chance that you’ll get messages from people that don’t read your profile entirely and don’t pay attention to the traits that you’re looking for in a partner. But if you are extremely specific about what you’re looking for and you list those attributes in your profile there’s a better chance that your list will weed out the people who send messages to anyone whose photo they like regardless of what that person’s profile says. And knowing exactly what you want will help narrow down the people that you want to actually meet from your matches.

Use Keywords

Online dating sites use an algorithm to find matches for the users on their site. So using keywords that indicate qualities or other things that you are looking for in potential dates is a good way to narrow down the matches that you like. In order to get the best results when the site gives you potential matches be as specific as possible. Don’t just put in your profile that you like movies, for example. List specific movies or actors that you like, similar to what you would do on social media. Same thing for TV, music, and other interests. Be as specific as you can so that you will get matched with other people who  use those specific names and titles.

social media

Social Media Changes To Improve Your Life

Social Media Changes 

I have a love/hate relationship with social media and I bet you do too. Social media is an amazing tool. We can stay connected to people we love, meet new friends, and get up to the minute news. Watching those likes and retweets pile up gives people a high similar to gambling. Facebook is adding dating to its mobile app. This will make it even harder for people to balance their time spent online. 

social media

Using the Instagram app on a cell phone

There is too much of a good thing. That’s why we should find balance in our lives. This involves spending less time on social media. As well as limiting your use on a cell phone spy apps. Some people say that you need to quit it entirely. But that’s not realistic and an extreme reaction. A better way to manage social media is to change your habits.

Remove Social Media AppS

If you like to use a tablet at night to read or watch TV, try removing the apps. I always pull my tablet out at night. Keep your tablet just for reading or watching TV  shows. The way iPads were meant to be used. You won’t be tempted to jump on Twitter or post a quick status on Facebook or scroll through Instagram. 

Buy An Alarm Clock

Try an old-fashioned alarm clock so that you can keep your phone in another room at night. You still need to wake up on time for work or school of course. But having your phone next to your bed makes it very tempting to check your apps. Now you’re likely checking them first thing in the morning, and even late at night. 

social media

Using Instagram on a computer

No Social Media At Work

Many people spend their workdays on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and check their feeds constantly throughout the day. Make a commitment to stay off these apps during work hours. You can still check your social media on your phone during breaks or even during lunch hour. While I am telling you to take a break from technology, it is still useful. Like when my apartment security cameras caught a thief.

Check your fav technology blogs to see which options work for you.

My Apartment Security Cameras Caught a Thief While I Was In China

Travel is my favorite thing to do, so, of course, I do it as often as I can. This can often mean that I am away from home for days if not weeks at a time. After reading through many tech blogs, I found a great solution to keeping my apartment safe while I’m away. So, before my last trip I took to China, I decided to add some home security.

You may think “Home security? Isn’t that a huge expense?” Honestly, no. Check out the WyzeCam for $20. There are so many options! You just have to find one that works for you.

A Little Background

Other than my constant traveling, adding home security was on my mind before my trip to China. When I moved into my new apartment recently, I had a terrible time getting my mail. The apartment building had individual mailboxes for small mail items like letters, but packages were either accepted at the office or left outside of the individual apartments. I order a lot of items online from places like Amazon in between my travel plans, and for some reason packages just stopped showing up (which is one of the reasons a lot of tech blogs say people buy apartment security systems .) I must have a huge file under my name at Amazon customer service, because I was calling so often to complain about packages not arriving.

Many of the items I ordered were for my next trip, so it was causing a problem. The apartment office manager (Jeff) kept telling me that he didn’t receive any packages for me, so I knew the packages must be getting left at my door. I didn’t want to believe that one of my new neighbors was stealing my packages, but that seemed to be the only answer to why my packages kept going missing. So this package problem just doubled my need for security while I was away, and a home security system seemed like a no-brainer.

Catching a Thief

I put one camera facing the outside of the door so it would catch anyone coming to my door on camera. Nothing happened the first couple of deliveries, but on my second day in China I had some downtime and decided to look at my phone and check out the footage. (I have night vision on my set up, nothing as high-tech as the Nocturnal Security Cameras I read about though.)

Many tech blogs offer info on great solutions for home security.

Security systems can keep your home safe while you are away traveling.

Sure enough, I caught someone stealing a package that had been delayed and sent after I left on my trek. The mail carrier dropped off two packages outside my door, stacked neatly against the door. Not five minutes later a door down the hall opened, and a teenager emerged. He walked up to my door, took one of the packages and disappeared back into the apartment down the hall. I was furious, but what could I do from where I was?

Well, since the security system was app-based, I had the entire event on camera. I emailed Jeff who was surprised. I didn’t want to press charges, so Jeff talked to the boy (who returned my package). Since then, management installed new secured locked boxes for each apartment instead of having packages left at individual doors.

I feel much safer now with our new lockboxes, but I keep my security system up for good measure. I still plan on doing a lot of traveling, so I’m better safe than sorry! Thanks Digital Addicts for the info! Gotta love finding solutions on tech blogs!

Until next time! Who knows where I’ll go. Have any ideas? Message me!


A text message spy can help you find your travel buddy if you get separated.

How To Keep Track Of Your Travel Companion

So, you’re finally achieving your lifelong dream of visiting Europe, Asia, or one of the world’s other amazing continents. And you’ve already picked a travel buddy. Great! What happens if you lose track of them? Do you have a text message spy to find where they are? Or a plan to meet up somewhere if you get separated? If not, you should. Here’s how you can prevent losing your travel companion.

Stay Connected

It isn’t easy to stay connected when you’re in another country. Chances are, your cell phone won’t receive reception. Before you even set foot at the airport, you should call your service provider and find out what options are available to you – each one is different. But there are other ways you can stay connected, aside from using cell phone service. Portable Wi-Fi routers are one option. They fit conveniently in your pocket or bag and provide high-speed Internet access, no matter where you are. This way, you’ll still be able to use your navigation app, Internet browser, and even text message spy app.

Come Up With A Plan

You might get separated from your travel companion.

There are bound to be times when you accidentally get separated from each other.

What happens if you’re lost and can’t get in touch with each other? Do you plan to meet back up at the hotel or AirBnB? What about an easy to find, famous landmark? You need to figure out what’ll be the best course of action for you and your friend or family member. Personally, I always like to meet back up at the hotel, unless it’s a few hours away from where we are. When that’s the case, I like deciding on a meetup location as soon as we arrive in town.

Schedule Time Apart

Just because you’re traveling together, doesn’t mean you have to do everything with each other. There are going to occasions when you want to see a particular attraction, and your travel companion doesn’t. You should plan for these situations ahead of time. Agree to meet back up at a certain place or time later that day, or check in with each other using a text message spy app. This kind of program will let you view your companion’s GPS location, so you can make sure that they didn’t get lost while out on their own.

Do you have any other helpful tips for traveling with someone? Send them over to me, because there might be a few important ones that I’m missing.